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My Pictures



Me and Kodi Christmas 2001
*Five Sisters*
Top: Mary Ann, Betty, Juanita (me)
Bottom: Lillian, Ruby Lee
My sister, Betty
Mary Ann and Stan
My sister and brother in law
My son, Bill when he was 4 ( A Sweetie for sure )
Ruby and Bob
Me and my Neice Carla
Carla and her Motorcycle
My " Hug Kat " From Floyd ( Utah Cowboy )
I Love this cat. It is so precious.. Thank you : )
Me 1955
Scottie USMC 1976
Me and minutes old grandson Robby
Scottie when he was 5
Paternal Grandparents
Maternal Grandparents
My Lucky Arrowhead from Runningbear Thank you , Bob : )
My Grandson, Corey
My Grandson, Shawn
Me and my grandson, Robby
Scottie 1959-1998
My baby sister, Ruby Lee (you're sooo Precious!)
This is me : )
My son, Bill